Cell Phones and Human Occupation

   People have drastically transitioned their lives into mobile devices. It strikes me with surprise and utter resentment everyday witnessing people absorbed in their phones. There is obviously something terribly wrong to possess so many people into mindless occupation within this technology. The fact remains that people spend their time daily monitoring their life through their cellphones. This excess monitoring and consistent withdrawal effect taking place is intended for. People did not simply commit to this trend. There are people who wish for this sort of activity taking place, they embellish cellphones in such a manner where the appeal is so irresistible that you lose time for any alternative considerations that may be progressive. These cellphones ultimately become an addictive novelty for so many that their life co-exists with it. You lose yourself, you lose your independence for the sake of maintaining your life to others as a mediocre show. These mobile consumers are missing the point of what their fixation means, not even to say ” anything of too much is bad for you ” but the lack of importance that lays within that gadget engulfs your focus and demands for more mindless attention. In effect, you pawn off the very reality you are living in essence that their is something brighter or more reflective to observe about yourself in the palms of your hands. The truth is there is no bright light within either of those spectrums because one is lived numb while the other is stimulating. But because you are neither hot or cold, you are lukewarm, and because you are lukewarm, you will always find yourself content within whatever standard you are living in. In the words of bruce lee, ” be like water friend “, with the idea that you should figure what it is like to be in flux or be progressively stimulant, flowing, and filling the gaps. Your cellphone is an anchor that has you impaled to the floor. You will neither know hot nor cold, but just remain lukewarm. 

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